Can I Have Sex With You?

First, apologies for not posting in awhile; life has been crazy and not in a good way. Second, this post is an amalgamation/combination of a few different people’s stories. It is not one of mine, but apparently, it’s a fairly common request. Third, I’m categorizing this as a male request, but I in no way imply any gender bias. I have heard of many females making this request as well. Fourth, I want to again encourage any and all submissions. If you have a funny/crazy/ridiculous story about your ex, shoot us an email at You can be as anonymous as you desire. We want to hear about your most insane ex requests.

A guy, who is married or in a committed relationship, asks his ex, who he is still on good terms with, to hang out or catch up. Usually, it is something innocent like lunch or coffee. The meeting goes as planned, and the ex-couple catches up and reminisces. Near the end of the “date,” the guy comes out of left field and asks his ex for sex.

Will you come home with me? Want to bang for old time’s sake? Sometimes, it is smoother, want to get out of here? Sometimes more crass, wanna bang/f$#%?

(A Long Note from the Editor: WTF ladies and gentlemen? This is not acceptable. It is rare to be able to be on good terms with your ex. It is not okay to try to use that good will to try to get laid. I don’t care what’s going on at home or how long it has been since you have had sex; don’t do it! Now, don’t get me wrong; I know that exes hook up or even get back together all the time. It’s different if you’re both on the same page. I know it’s hard, but keep your dick in your pants in order to not ruin a potential life-long friendship. After all, who knows you better than an ex you can still talk to/deal with?